Don’t be a Scrooge! Holiday decorating should be a fun affair! No matter your personal style, there is a holiday theme for everyone. Look at the four Holiday themes we put together…

1. Christmas doesn’t have to be just glitz & glam. Look at this warm and cozy theme and know you can cozy up by the fire with a luscious faux fur throw once you’re through decorating.

2. There is nothing more joyful than feeling like a kid on Christmas. This colorful, mix embraces the playful kid in all of us this holiday season.

3. Need a break from the red & green? Our romantic palette conjures up memories of Downton Abbey & the rich textiles we are missing from each episode.

4. Living in Corpus Christi, we are blessed to be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Gulf and the coastal lifestyle. There is no reason why you can’t celebrate that during the Christmas season as well!

If you are having a hard time determining what theme meets your personal style, or are ready for a change this holiday season, we would love to consult with you!