CAA has brought home multiple awards every year from the San Antonio ASID Pinnacle of Design Awards, and this year was no different! Members of  the design team recently traveled to San Antonio to participate in a showcase with fellow talented designers and their projects.

This has been an amazing year, with several stunning projects pending completion, that will have to wait to be entered in next year’s competition. We submitted five projects this year and were able to walk away with three awards! Below are images and project details of our three award winners! This is not only a testament to our work, but also to the amazing clients we have been lucky enough to collaborate with.

First Place , Commercial Singular Space

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Our client’s deep love for the African spirit is woven into each detail of his Private Office Suite. Through texture, tribal patterns and natural materials, layers of richness highlight the raw beauty of traditional African themes. Upon entering the suite a bespoke hide rug and sunbaked Saltillo tile lead your eye up to the curved feature wall. Wrapped in a warm elephant hide tone the curved shape wall unites the more public part of the suite to his executive office. The curve was reintroduced with a new, partial height, display divider that multi-purposes as supply storage on the Office Suite side. Removing the existing acoustical ceiling tile exposed an intricate web of rust tinted concrete waffles. In addition to raising the ceilings elevating the Private Office from his Seating and Meeting areas introduces dimension and drama not present in the original space. The additional height creates an elevated platform for the display of his magnificent animals, authentic artifacts, and historical wildlife art. The impressive circle cut Chamcha wood table and live edge mesquite counters echo the quiet strength of masculinity. Lighting was designed to originate from a variety of sources including overhead LED downlights and wall washers, eye catching chandeliers plus floor and table accent lamps. Although the client’s avocation to hunt and display animals from his quests contrasts our design firm’s ethical philosophies, we nevertheless embarked on the opportunity to present the proper setting for his trophies.

2nd Place, Commercial Singular Space

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The business logo for this oil exploration company has been prominently etched into the glass of the French doors denoting entry into the Conference Room of this office suite. Once inside, a variety of dramatic elements catch your attention. First and foremost is the twelve foot long, live edge Chamcha wood conference table. Perhaps next, would be the salt treated zinc wall panels that serve not only as a custom effect wall covering harkening geographic earth maps, but also as a magnetized wall for display of map studies. The profound, rich depth of the zinc is opposed by cabinetry designed specifically to frame the monitor utilized for presentations and to house prized artifacts collected during the client’s many African adventures. Not to be ignored once in this space is the breathtaking ocean view that can be enjoyed on the adjacent teak outfitted balcony. Although the client’s avocation to hunt and display animals from his quests contrasts our design firm’s ethical philosophies, we nevertheless embarked on the opportunity to present the proper setting for his trophies.

Second Place, Master Bedroom Suite

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This Master Bedroom transformed into a relaxing retreat due in part to the soft palette of tones selected for the various bedding, upholstery and drapery elements. A gently gathered textile wallcovering for the bed wall was the initial material to jumpstart the scheme. A lovely surprise was the installed effect it created of an upholstered wall rather than just a wallcovering. The textural mix of shagreen, blended woods, metals, beading and tactile fabrics including chenilles and velvets provide a sum total equal to a melodic symphony. Interesting materials play well with the unique shapes from the intertwining headboard, concave edge mirrors and geometric patterned fabrics. The Design team focused on key lighting elements from a variety of fixture applications including overhead recessed, wallmounted at both bedsides and a floor lamp for the wing chair reading nook. Uniquely shaped metal and wood mirrors pair with the ceiling pendants lingering above each nightstand. Both of which work in favor of reminding one of the expansive ceiling height. All fixtures are on rheostats to allow changes in the atmosphere and ambiance. A happy couple now enjoys the well-orchestrated space and finds their time spent there more enriched than ever imagined.