You don’t have to give up the items you love for good design!


We have all fallen in love with images of the perfect homes or spaces online with the perfect furniture and the perfect accessories that make us want to throw out all our things and start completely fresh. But why should you have to? You purchased or received those things for a reason, whether it be a trinket from a family vacation, a piece of art you fell in love with but don’t exactly know why plus all the family photos.  These things make your house a home and we’re here to say that you don’t have to give up any of them to have a wonderfully designed space!

We recently worked with a client that wanted to refresh her home setting and was unwilling to give up her eclectic collection of art and memorabilia.  Once we began reviewing her special possessions we realized she had even more pieces in boxes or tucked away in closets that she had not been able to find room for, but loved too much to toss out. We soon realized she needed to open a private gallery to showcase all of these items.  We were limited to the existing footprint and walls of her home with a great many of them being fabulous walls of glass – something we’d all love to have!  But we knew selecting just the perfect, functional pieces would allow a way to display the large variety of pieces her collection encompassed.


By purchasing a minimum of new furniture items, reupholstering and refinishing others and carefully curating all of her treasures, we were able to create a beautifully designed space that did not lose its personal touch nor its connection to our client. Walking through the space with her, she can tell a story for every piece of art, object, or figurine. It is a home full of memories that are uniquely hers and her families that can now be shared in a more aesthetic presentation with everyone who walks through the door.